Website Usage Terms and Legal Notice

As Gırin Salata Gıda Turizm Teks. İnş. Otom. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Co. (“Green Salads”), we are showing the utmost sensitivity to protect privacy of the individuals who benefit from our products and services. We care for processing and storing all personal data of individuals related with Green Salads under Privacy Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”). With full awareness of our responsibility, we are processing your personal data under the title of “Data Responsible” under KVKK Law within the following scope and conditions.

What Is Personal Data?

In KVKK, personal data is defined as any type of data of identified or identifiable natural person. Accordingly, your name, surname, electronic mail address and phone number that you share with us are called personal data.

What is our purpose to collect your personal data?

Due to your product and service relationship with Green Salads, Green Salads collect your personal data to undertake our legal liabilities and to notify you about our campaigns and advantages and process your personal data accordingly.

For what purpose and to whom do we transfer your personal data?

Your personal data might be shared by Green Salads subsidiaries, businesses, group companies and partnered third party companies compliant with privacy policy. These thirds parties include suppliers to better meet your demands and eliminate technical problems, marketing and agencies w consult to support and improve our marketing and advertisement operations to offer your better services. To undertake the abovementioned actions, your data shall be shared as long as you permit to do so. Enterprises that can use this information can only access your information for specified actions expressed in the privacy policy and data protection. As long as you permit us to access and process your data, you will receive e-mails for new products, discount coupons, special news and other promotions that might interest you by Green Salads or partnered enterprises. If you do not want to receive these e-mails regardless of the reason, you can cancel your subscription. Green Salads reserves the right to use or disclose your personal data when deemed necessary for legal operations and to protect integrity of, to meet your desires and to provide correct information for researchers to protect the public good. However, your data shall not be shared with any third parties in this operation.

How to we store your personal data?

Your personal data shared with our company is stored on secure servers of Green Salads under related and applicable legal regulations, KVKK provisions and Green Salads standards.

How long do we store your personal data?

In line with KVKK, when the processing purpose disappeared under KVKK article 7/f.1 and/or period of limitation to process your data in line with the regulations have experienced, your personal data shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized for further use by us.

What are your rights arising from Protection of Personal Data Law?

Under the related legislation of processed personal data, you have the right to learn whether your data is processed, demand information about any processing if any, learn the purpose of personal data processing and whether these data are used in line with the purpose, know the local or international third parties that receive your personal data, demand correction of your personal data if they are incomplete or incorrect, demand to delete or destroy your personal data, demand to correct incorrect or missing information and/or notify the third parties that received your personal data to delete or destroy your personal data.

You have the right to object any results to the detriment to the individual after analysis of processed data exclusively by automatic systems and demand for compensation for any damages arising from illegal processing of your personal data.

How can you use your rights regarding your personal data that you share with us?

You have the right to demand all stored data about you from us. You can send your demand with our contact form onşim/iletişim-formu/, call Green Salads customer line from 0212 570 9063 to delete, edit or review your personal data.